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Commercial Management

For BIW, commercial management is the process of planning, estimating, coordinating, controlling and reporting of all financial aspects of a complex project or programme. To be kept fully informed of the impact of any changes, you will want to keep your own cost plan covering the history of your organisation's inputs.

But maintaining an up-to-the-minute record can be challenging, particularly on a complex, fast-moving project. We have therefore combined our core strengths into a powerful real-time change management system, BIW Commercial Management helps you and your team to assess and then authorise and commit relevant expenditure.

  • multiple budget analysis – track costs simultaneously against downstream and upstream budgets
  • work complete reporting – measure progress based upon quantities, values or percentage complete
  • faster change management - early capture and rapid analysis of the time, cost and performance impacts of actual and potential changes
  • real-time operation and reporting - no end-of-month consolidation, just faster financial reporting cycles 
  • greater clarity - change proposals clearly identified; authorised team members review the right information at the right time
  • increased productivity - faster production of company- or work package-specific sub-sets of data
  • configurable coding structures - matching any client cost code structures for project reporting
  • integration with back-office systems - online management of payment applications and other processes
  • cost-value analysis - reporting on detailed cost of work complete and its corresponding value
  • accurate forecasting - real time reporting of forecast final costs and values 
  • improved corporate compliance - confidential, secure and fully auditable transaction histories linking source documents and originating decision-makers


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