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Design teams

  • earlier involvement and collaboration on plans and conceptual designs
  • a more complete record of all design decisions - from Day One
  • improved information exchange, co-ordination and communications flow
  • increased integration of design, build and other processes
  • constant availability of the most up-to-date design information
  • better co-ordination of all contributors' design inputs

We understand that design doesn't happen in a vacuum. We know that projects involve frequent collaboration between designers and those tasked with managing processes including planning, regulation, construction, funding, and future operation and maintenance. 

Architects, civil, structural and building services engineers, interior designers, specialist contractors, sub-contractors, product manufacturers and suppliers - all of these people (and more) will have inputs to the design of a new built asset. BIW creates a platform for the easy exchange of design data, providing tools that help professionals comment upon each other's work and develop and co-ordinate their ideas.

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