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  • earlier involvement and collaboration on plans and conceptual designs
  • a more complete record of all design decisions - from Day One
  • improved information exchange, co-ordination and communications flow
  • better integration of inputs from designers, main contractors and specialists
  • constant availability of the most up-to-date design and project management information
  • better co-ordination of all contributors' design inputs

In the past, subcontractors were often sidelined on projects, only being brought into the project after potentially vital design or project management decisions had already been taken. Today, enlightened clients and contractors are adopting a more inclusive approach, promoting early engagement of the supply chain, and we believe the BIW application suite can play a key role in coordinating your specialist skills and knowledge.

Timely decision-making can make a dramatic difference to your profit margins on a project. By getting you quickly up-to-speed, and then providing you with the information and tools you need to coordinate your key work packages with those of others, BIW can help you apply your resources more efficiently. Our supply chain archive toolset also means that you can leave a project with a full documented record of all your inputs.

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