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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

BIW Technologies (BIW) has passed another milestone in adoption of its web-based construction collaboration system, or ’project extranet’. The total number of registered users of BIW Information Channel reached 50,000 on 26 October 2005.

In the 12 months up to 30 September 2005, BIW added a record 11,456 new registered users, and its community now extends across some 5,200 different organisations. In the past six months, the BIW user base has been growing by an average 1,100 per month.

Users logged in just under two million times, and published over 442,000 CAD drawings and 237,000 other documents (excluding comments, requests for information, instructions, transmittals and other electronically-generated forms and reports). In total, BIW now hosts over 1.5 million CAD drawings and nearly 800,000 other documents, and its system has been accessed over 7.8 million times.

“We expected the numbers to begin to level off over time as people settled on their preferred systems,” says BIW chief executive Colin Smith. “However, we have continued to grow our market share, winning new customers and attracting new supply chain users. Our forward order book now stands at over £7 million, up from £6 million at the beginning of 2005.”

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Notes to editors:

  • Project collaboration services from BIW Technologies ( were first employed in 1999 on UK construction projects for Sainsbury’s. BIW believes it is the European leader in web-based collaboration systems for the construction and property industry, measured by numbers of users, usage and volume of data.
  • BIW Information Channel is a sophisticated web-based supply chain integration technology, designed specifically for construction projects or programmes. Each client is provided with a unique, project or programme-specific communication platform created around a knowledge database. With this, data can be made available securely to every team member – from the earliest concepts, through detailed design, buildability studies, pre-fabrication, construction, maintenance, operation and improvement to the eventual demolition or dismantling of the facility.
  • BIW’s documents and drawings figures are based purely on items submitted to its system, not on the number of people on an issue or distribution list. BIW has estimated that a typical single item is distributed to around eight people. If all of the 2.3 million items on BIW’s servers were distributed as paper copies, it would have required over 20 million pieces of paper.
  • BIW and BIW Information Channel are registered trademarks or trademarks of BIW Technologies Ltd.

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