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BIW 26.4% of UK market


Monday, June 30, 2003

Independent research by e-business consultancy Compagnia confirms "BIW are the market leaders".

BIW Technologies (BIW) has a 26.4 per cent share of the UK market for construction collaboration systems, says research by e-business implementation specialists Compagnia. Their June 2003 report ‘Collaboration software in the construction industry’ put BIW well ahead of its nearest rivals on 17.2 and 14.9 per cent. BIW also had the largest user group (23,000) of the nine providers when surveyed in March 2003, and received the highest user rating (8.5 out of 10) among the pure collaboration providers.

Compagnia surveyed over 100 construction industry professionals, covering both senior management and IT staff, and found that “all users were positive about the benefits” relating to collaboration software. Ninety-one per cent of respondents believed that the software provided their organisations with “significant financial benefits”, and 74 per cent said “client and supply chain relationships are considerably improved”.

“Our survey indicates that BIW are the market leaders relative to project extranets,” said Compagnia, “they have the largest number of users and their system is highly regarded.” The report’s analysis of its core collaboration platform, BIW Information Channel, also suggested that BIW stood to benefit from the knowledge of its clients as they influenced the continued development of BIW’s applications.

“In terms of the numbers of users and projects, we have long claimed to be the UK market leaders,” says BIW chief executive Colin Smith. “Compagnia’s research now confirms this.”

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Notes to editors:

  • For a full copy of the report, email Compagnia at
  • Project collaboration services from BIW Technologies ( were first employed in 1999 on UK construction projects for Sainsbury. BIW believes it is the European leader in web-based collaboration systems for the construction and property industry, measured by both number of projects and number of users.
  • At 29 June 2003, the total number of registered users had reached 25,923, from 2908 different companies. The total number of projects was 1309, with a total capital value conservatively estimated at around £11 billion. The total number of drawings hosted was 448,810; the total number of documents stood at 276,896.
  • BIW Information Channel is a sophisticated web-based supply chain integration technology, designed specifically for construction projects or programmes. Each client is provided with a unique, project-specific website created around a knowledge database. Using this, all data can be made available to every project team member – from the earliest concepts and specification, through detailed design, buildability studies, pre-fabrication, construction, maintenance, operation and improvement to the eventual demolition or dismantling of the facility.
  • BIW and BIW Information Channel are registered trademarks or trademarks of BIW Technologies Ltd.

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