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(8th September 2011)

Building Information Modelling is hot news these days, yet it is over 35 years ago that Charles Eastman first documented a ‘Building Description System’ whilst at Carnegie University. Indeed we at BIW have a history of embracing these principals as far back as 2000 when we carried out a Joint Venture (JV) with Nottingham University creating a Virtual Reality (VR) suite designed and developed i (intelligent) components, to interpret construction products as 3D models.

Today we are leading the way in thought and action with our technology and support for those utilising BIM, whether you are a new user or seasoned campaigner. Our philosophy is simple - to deliver benefits from all the opportunities of BIM whilst remaining agnostic to the technologies utilised by the team. This includes supporting the changes in team makeup and procedures demanded by the methodology.

An important driver for our BIM strategy is to help our clients maintain data integrity across the asset lifecycle through design (of space and systems), build (in work packages) and subsequently, to operate and maintain (space and systems again). In order to make effective the implementation of BIM, we have delivered in August 2011 the first phase of our capabilities of our BIW project control application suite. Users can now:

• Share 3D and BIM models
• View and navigate with these models
• Apply comments and share with other project team members
• Instigate and approve different change processes

But by tapping into the wealth of inbuilt information to the model, we are able to deliver substantial benefits in many other areas of projects, including:

• Planning
• Improving sustainability compliance (BREAMM, LEED, etc)
• Procurement
• Cost management (i.e. Earned Value Analysis)
• Facilities Management

However, implementing an effective BIM strategy is not just a technology decision.  Working processes need modification and improvement, skills need updating, and technologies should be evaluated to ensure that they achieve robust working practices to integrate BIM with both internal and external teams.

BIW is helping clients design roadmaps for adopting BIM in easy to follow stages. If you would like to understand how BIW could help, please get in touch via or by phoning +44 (0) 1483 712620.

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